Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Doctor's Visit

Well, I had an appointment with my OB today (NO I AM NOT PREGNANT)....but I am healthy enough to try again. The doctor says there is no reason, why we should not start trying again in January.  He stated, that my tube should be completely healed and he suggested I start taking my prenatal vitamins.

The only issue I had on today....he does not believe in having the TAC pre-pregnancy!!!

I do not agree with him regarding this.  I am hoping to get the TAC pre pregancy so that I will have a "small" amount of peace before going into a new pregnancy.  He is worried about us getting the TAC and then not being able to conceive.  I am willing to take that chance.  Am I crazy?  I know we have dealt with fertility issues before, but since 2008, we have not had any problems getting pregnant...4 pregnancies in 3 years to be exact. 

So should I wait until we get pregnant first before getting the TAC or should I have it done pre pregnancy?


  1. Well you know I did mine pre-pregnancy and had no problems getting pregnant. I too wanted that "security" before trying again (which wasn't supposed to be for a few years). Some ladies wait for the same reason your dr. stated. The choice is yours. Good luck! I am happy he dr. found you in good health!

  2. I wish i had a definate answer for you. I am choosing to have it done before, b/c as you and marie stated, i want that security before hand. I say just take a few days and really pray about it( I'm not sure how you are feeling faith wise but just giving you what has helped me). I hope you find your answer soon though<3