7 months after losing Tiffany, we found out we we're pregnant again. 

This time was supposed to be different, because we knew I had an incompetent cervix.  We we're prepared, we had a plan.  We would have the cerclage placed at 12 weeks, I would be taken off work, I would have weekly sonograms, and I would be placed on bedrest for the remainder of the pregnancy.

Bedrest was difficult, but once I found my new hobby, sewing, I was good to go. 

Everything was going well, until my appointment at 17 weeks.  My doctor saw a change in my cervix, so he sent me to the hospital for hospital bedrest for the next 48 hours, for observation.  I was not worried because I still had good length, my cervix was closed, and there we're no contractions...my doctor had already stated earlier, it was possible I may end up in the hospital.

Things went from good to really bad in those 2 days, I went from a cervical length of 3.0 to .6...contractions started  and I was placed on Mag Sulfate!!!  We (Elizabeth and I) spent the next 9 days holding on....but on June 20th, I felt the contractions, and they we're getting stronger and stronger, through the night.

The following morning, Father's Day, at 6:30 a.m....my water broke.  The stitch was taken out and labor stopped.

Was this the end.....I prayed it wasn't.  I held on and Elizabeth fought....but at 10:57 pm we lost our fight.

Elizabeth was born at 10:57 pm on June 21, 2009 (Father's Day).....exactly 11 months after Tiffany.