Tiffany was born July 21, 2008, at 21 weeks due to an incompetent cervix. 

After going to the doctor, for what I thought was a bladder infection, I found out quickly that things we're not good.

The heaviness which I felt, was not normal, it was actually my little girl slowly coming into this world.  There it was on the monitor, contractions.....again another contraction.  But not just contractions but also, you could see my cervix open and close.  Tiffany had begun to fall into the birth canal.  So I was told that I had an Incompetent Cervix and that I had dialated 2 cm and that I would be heading to L and D.

How could this happen, I was only 19 weeks, what do you mean?

After beening admitted to L&D, I was placed in the T-berg position.  On the following Saturday, contraction had finally stopped and we we're headed to the operating room, for an emergency cerclage.  After 4 days, I had no cervix left and it was only by the grace of God, Tiffany was still with us.

The cerclage was placed and we we're told that if we could make it 48 hours our chances would increase greatly...and we could possibly go to term.    It was Monday morning, only a few hours to go.  Things we're looking good!!!! Suddenly at 11:30, my water broke.

Tiffany was born at 2:11