Sunday, April 10, 2011

Whats Regular

I am soooo not use to the flip flopping of my cyle.  I dont think I was quite prepared for the confusion my body would go through after the TAC was placed. 

Once my hypothyroidism was diagnosed in 2003 and I was finally placed on the right medication, my cycles have been very regular.  (Even though I went from 2003 - 2004 with no cycle!!!)  Even after the loss of my girls, I regained my cycle within 6 to 8 weeks.

So here I am....2 months after the TAC was placed.  I got my cycle only 2 days after my surgery, which I thought was a good sign, but then in March, I started 5 days late....April I should have ovulated on Friday, but ended up ovulaing on Monday...GRRRR....SO I MISSED THE WINDOW.

I am sooooo frustrated, I just want to be pregnant and have a chance to be an earthly mother, to a child I have carried, which I can raise and love and spoil.......AM I ASKING FOR TOO MUCH. Sometimes I feel as though I am wanting too much.  Maybe I had my chance and it is now gone and I need to move on in life.  OR maybe I am just being impatient and I just want it sooner than God wants me too.  I JUST WISH I KNEW WHICH WAY TO GO. 

Those of you who have the TAC how long did it take you to become pregnant after it was placed OR is your body still trying to adjust?


  1. I've had mine since december, I thought mine was back to regular but nope i got a regular cycle in jan, but then it was a week later than that in feb, then like 2wks later in march and I've got symptoms of my cycle coming soon but who knows. but then again my cycles have always been irregular when I'm not on bc. oh wow I guess that was no help. sorry for the babbling.

  2. Don't feel that way Tonya! Your expected end WILL be fulfilled. After my TAC, my cycle was off for about 3 months (it would come a few days late or early each month). Hopefully yours will regulate soon.

  3. My first cycle was 4 days late. Now I am waiting for my second. I am typically 31 days but we'll see if it keeps getting 35 days. My problem is quickly getting prego before another polyp grows in my uterus or cervix; I get those every year! Hope your body will return to normal!!