Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pregancy calendar

Yesterday, while the students took their TAKS test....and I struggled with sleepiness, my mind began to wonder. 

Since DH and I are currently TTC again, I began to think of all my pregnancies and it was mind least for me. 

Pregnancy 1 - August and a half years would pass before our next BFP
Pregnancy 2 - February 08-July 08.....only 6 months between T and E
Pregnancy 3 - February 09-June 09....only 6 months between E and "Goober"
Pregnancy 4 - December '10 - January '11...only 5 months between "Goober" and "Peanut"
Pregnancy 5 - August '11-September '11.....only 6 months between "Peanut" and Baby B

So in 4 1/2 years I have been pregnant ALOT...sometimes you cant see how much until you put it on paper.  Just kind of makes you say WOW.  I even had to laugh at the stats when I saw them.  My longest stretch was before 2008, after that I have been one busy lady.

I just hope the pattern continues and we get a BFP really soon. 


  1. I hope to hear the good news soon! My IUI cycle did not go well since my body decided to ovulate unexpectedly. I was supposed to have the IUI this weekend. ): My body feels different after the TAC... I think it changes something.

  2. my ovulation has been everywhere as well

  3. I see your optimism and perseverance. It encourages me whenever I feel depressed with all that some of us ladies have to go through to have a child. I hope your BFP shows up before six months!