Thursday, April 28, 2011

summer time

As the summer approaches, I find myself thinking of the girls more and more.Mainly because the girls birthdays are approaching....Elizabeth June 21st and Tiffany July 21st.  Elizabeth would have been 2 and Tiffany would have been 3.

Sometimes I try to picture my life if they were here.  Would there be crayon colors on the wall, juice stains in the carpet, toys on the floor, hand prints on the window, a step stool in the bathroom, fluffy animals on the bed, pink dresses in the closet......the list goes on and on.

Its hard to believe it has been 2 and 3 years since we lost them.  Sometimes it feels like its been longer, sometimes it feels like it just happened.  Although I have been on this journey for a while, it is still hard to believe all of this has happened.  Sometimes I feel as though I am watching a movie...but the end never comes.  It just keeps going and going and going. 

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