Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bad Weather Day 2

Well, Dallas is not just looking forward to the Super Bowl, but they are also looking forward to warmer weather!!!

It was 77 degrees here on Saturday, and today the high was 21 with a windchill of 2.  Tonight, we will fall into the single digits, with a windchill  of -10!!! I have always heard, "if you don't like the weather in Texas, just hang around a while...it will change."  THIS IS CRAZY.

It is COLD here.  School was out today and school will be out on tomorrow.  This means, school (for me) will not let out until June 8th.  GRRRRR


  1. It has been crazy here in the DFW. Our streets are still really bad near our house....stay warm!

  2. Day 3 of no school.....my cold is better...the streets in my neighborhood are really bad, so I cannot get out while I am on these crutches.