Thursday, March 3, 2011



I am in my two week window and I am hoping for a BFP in about 14 days!!!!  I know I am putting myself out there but I really do think there is a chance. 

Since having the TAC on the 14th of February, I wanted to follow my ovulation and cycle closely.  I know that the surgery can throw things off, so I was concerned that I would get off track and not know exactly then my cycle or ovulation was due.  So I decided to purchase an ovulation kit.

I knew that ovulation was due Monday, February 28th.

So I decided to begin tracking on Friday, but day after day there was NOTHING.  On Monday, nothing; Tuesday, nothing; and then on Wedesday, it showed I was OVULATING.....just when I had given up for the month and down to my last test...

So keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer for me that I get my BFP