Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Holiday Blues

I have tried so hard over the last couple of days and weeks to not "fall" into the holiday blues.....but it is still occuring!!!!

Even though Tiffany and Elizabeth we're both due in November (29th and 10th), December is my month of LOWS.  I can't help but wonder....would Elizabeth be walking...would Tiffany love the lights....where would we have taken our Chirstmas family photos....would they like Santa Clause or cry their eyes out....the list goes on and on

I remember last year having a total meltdown while wrapping Christmas presents.  I should have been wrapping presents for my daughters not other people. 

This year, I have stayed away from the malls the music, and all the festivities of the holidays.  I don't want to shop (and I am a shop-a-holic)...I just want to skip over everything!!!

Sorry for the blues, but I just cant help it on this grief journey!!!

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  1. I have the blues as well so I completely understand. Hugs to you my friend!