Monday, December 19, 2011

12 weeks 4 days

I am so ready to get past the first trimester....

It has been an emotional rollacoster, but then I wonder if the second trimester will be any different.  I wish I could have a normal pregnancy.  So many worries, so many tears, so much loss has trully put a "damper" on the "pregnancy bliss".

Is it just me.....

I have not openly announced that I was pregnant.  People and family have found out through my sickness and my  I have told a couple of people openly but I didnt scream it from the roof tops.  My brother told his wife, "I think Ton Ton is pregnant".  She replied, yea, I think so as well and when she is ready to tell us she will in her own time.  I dont think I ever said I was but i just slid it into conversation. 

Since it has been cold wearing my coat hides my stomach from most.  Two ladies at church just noticed my bump and we're very suprised.   They wanted to know if they had missed the annoucement. 


  1. No you are not alone. I struggled myself of when and who and how to tell but I think I started telling people around 12wks well a few folks anyway and then around 16wks is when I just couldn't hold it. It's a hard decision but everyday I do my best to choose to take advantage of the time with this baby to truly esperience everyday with him and cherish it. The what if's for me don't go completely away, I was nervous at 12 wks I was nervous at 16 and now at 20 I'm just thankful and hopeful for 20 more weeks and even then a few down thoughts try to weasle in but I do my best to push them out. And that's all you can do is do your best with each moment you are given. ((HUGS))

  2. Even after we told some family members or close friends, I was scared to "let them down." I felt superstitious like I would jinx myself if I kept telling more people. I am feeling better at 24 wks and keep praying this baby will will make it to full term. My cervix has stayed at 4cm so far. I am praying for you and your trimester is over for you!