Monday, April 16, 2012

29 weeks 4 days

Well this week I will be 30 weeks and it still so unreal. 

Everything was quiet until last week.  I failed my 1 hour glucose test so I had to take the 3 hour.  At the 3 hour I was not feeling good and had a "stomach ache" which seemed to go on and on.  When I finally mentioned it to the nurse, she talked to "my" nurse who works with my doctor.

After the exam, he felt the need to give me my first round of steroid shots for the baby's lungs and I was sent to the hospital to be evaluated.  The monitor picked up contractions which were occuring too frequently so I was given the Terb shot.  After about 5 hours, the contractions finally stopped and I was sent home.

The next day I noticed that Haley was not as active, but I just assumed it was becasue she was tired.  However, by Saturday I was becoming worried.  I was doing everything to get her moving but it wasnt working.  I did the kick count 2x and her counts were very different and slow.  I called the hospital and expressed my concerns, and they told me to come in

So after being on the monitors a while, her kicks began to pick up....but they could also see contractions on the we had to stay longer and have a full exam AGAIN. 

By Sunday, Haley's kicks and activity we're back to normal and all is well. 

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  1. Keep checking to see how you are doing! Praying all is well!